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Moisture Management

The "moisture management" is understood as the transfer of moisture between the human body (perspiration) and the environment. Fabrics with this property have two fundamental characteristics: 

1 - Absorption of humidity: wetting 

2 - The "transport" or moisture distribution- wicking; 

Moisture management is a very important factor for the thermophysiological comfort of the human body. Fabrics should allow moisture in the form of sensible and insensible perspiration to be transmitted from the body to the environment in order to cool the body and reduce the degradation of the thermal insulation of the fabric caused by moisture build-up. 

In this context the fabric characteristics are crucial to aid in moisture management. The woven with natural fibers such as cotton exhibit greater capillarity and thus greater absorption. In fabrics with synthetic fibers there is a greater difficulty in capillarity due to the high contact angle with the liquid-due to their high hydrophobicity. 
However, today there are treatments that help increase the hydrophilicity of synthetic fabrics increasing comfort. 
To prove the effectiveness of treatments there are several tests that help prove the greater or lesser ability of fabrics to "moisture management" but there is still no official standard methods. Some examples of tests developed are: ASTM moisture vapor test (open cup test); GATS (gravimetric absorbency test system); Moisture management Tester (MMT), etc. 

Treatment advantages for synthetic fibers:
- Increased hydrophilicity (moisture absorption); 
- Increased wetting and wicking capacity; 
- Soft touch; 
- Anti-static effect; 

Studies have shown that during sleep the mattress and bedding have to carry around a quart of a litre of perspiration away from the body. To maintain the optimum level of comfort, the bed and the covers should still be able to maintain a stable level of temperature, even as ambient temperature fluctuate.


Moisture Management
Moisture Management

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