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Thermotech Aqua

The new age of this finishing allows thermoregulation combined with the power of moisture management.

Studies have shown that during sleep the mattress and bedding have to carry about 1/4 liter of perspiration away from the body. To maintain the optimum level of comfort, the bed and the covers should still be able to maintain a stable level of temperature, even if there is fluctuation in the temperature. The Thermotech aqua has the ability to maintain the temperature stable and to quickly absorb and release moisture resulting from perspiration to the atmosphere creating a healthy balance and an extra welfare.
Fabrics treated with this finish help to prevent electrostatic charge and shocks that occur in a dry atmosphere.
All these properties allow an improved sleep and muscle relaxation allowing its absolute repair overnight.
Advantages of Thermotech aqua:
- Excellent thermoregulation;
- Excellent moisture management;
- Excellent texture;
- Anti-static effect.


Thermotech Aqua
Newsletter February 2013


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