Professionalism and proximity
Respect for the environment, without neglecting technological developments.



Years of experience

Whoever enters Flexitex is amazed by the size of the giant circular looms, capable of producing thousands of meters of mattress mesh, with the most varied colors, designs, and finishes.

Whoever feels the softness, the touch, the smell of the fabric, can enter the company’s history, which dates back to the last century.

In 1964 Eng. António Leite de Castro – after several years working in textiles in the north of the country – saw in S.João da Madeira the ideal place to found Flexitex. The bedding industry was growing and a supplier dedicated to Jacquard Fabric was needed, with a taste for innovation and a technological edge.

From an early age, Flexitex was one of the best and most up-to-date companies in the sector, pioneering the manufacture of fabrics and knits that are increasingly innovative, demanding in quality, and sophisticated in their design.

The focus on technology and innovation has led Flexitex to penetrate international markets since 1970. Since then, the company has been exporting to Europe, Africa and the entire American continent. Today the company exports knitwear and fabrics to more than 20 countries, seeing each country as an achievable goal.


The environmental concern is old at Flexitex; early on, care was taken in the treatment of waste. With the environmental concerns of consumers, the need to make fabric using recycled materials has long since grown.

Whoever knew Eng. António Leite de Castro, and dealt with him closely, knows his social aspect and the closeness he always had with all the company’s workers. An example of this is the plaque that is proudly displayed at the company’s reception, celebrating 10 years, in such a troubled period of Portuguese politics.


The spirit of camaraderie that the founder passed on to the following generations and which, even today, is clearly visible in the constant concern for the well-being of all, in the professional training of employees, having contributed decisively to the development of quality products and a service of customer support and proximity.

Flexitex’s history began to be written in 1964 and a new sentence is added every day; with work, dedication and cooperation.

Our services

At Flexitex, we look at the world positively, with hope, the fruit of labor. Each fabric tells the story of many people, as if it were a family. Therefore, all fabrics are special. This was the legacy that Eng. Leite de Castro left; it is this legacy that I try to pass on to everyone who touches our world.

Domingos Leite de Castro

Flexitex’s vision is to be recognized as a synonym for quality, for innovative products and for a proximity customer support service, with regard to the manufacture of fabrics and knits for covering mattresses, thus becoming the benchmark in terms of sector and have a prominent place on the international scene.

Supplying the national and export market with fabrics and knits for the mattress covering, differentiating itself from the competition for its quality, innovation and great capacity to respond to market requests with flexibility, allowing us to serve current and potential customers, is our Mission

Knowledge – we believe that the knowledge of our employees, our know-how, is what enables us to transmit confidence to the market. That is why we encourage personal development and training.

Trust – in our employees, in our suppliers, in our customers. Only in this way are bonds built that last over time.


The 70’s of the 20th century marks our first sale abroad: France. Angola followed. Since then, exports have been part of the path traced by Flexitex. We are in Europe, Africa, America, Asia and Oceania, in more than 20 countries. In countries where we do not have a direct presence, we collaborate with local partners to deliver our fabrics.

Domingos Leite de Castro
General Manager
Clara Pinho
Operational Division
Carlos Reis
Sales Manager
Afonso Amorim
Sales Manager
João Rodrigues
Sales Manager
Margarida Sousa
Maria Alexandra Costa
Vítor Silva
Eduardo Reis
Chief Financial Officer
Armindo Almeida
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