Flexitex communicates for the 21st century

The world changes every day. The relationships between companies, between customers and suppliers, between products and consumers, are quite different from what they were years ago. In all business areas!

"This leads us to have to change the way we are in the market, maintaining the values ​​of the past and responding to the challenges of the future", says Domingos Leite de Castro, General Manager of the company.

Flexitex specializes in producing knitwear and fabrics; that's how the market sees it.

“In addition, we will have to be the partner in which our client has confidence to embrace new projects, new value-added products”, he said.

For this reason, in addition to the continuous commitment that Flexitex has been making in the production of differentiating products, it will communicate in a different way: a new institutional website and social networks that allow showing what is good and well done in the company.

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