Interzum 2023: Way to Sustainability

The long-awaited new edition of the Interzum Fair brought together the main suppliers in the bedding and interior, bedding and interior design industry in an internationally renowned event, full of business opportunities, where innovation and trends will shape the direction of the sector.

In this edition, and following tradition, Flexitex had the pleasure of presenting to its esteemed customers and visitors a new collection of fabrics and jacquard knits, featuring contemporary, innovative designs and in line with the latest market trends.

The Natural Based products, developed with natural and ecological finishes, reflects the company’s commitment to offering solutions that reduce the environmental impact, always valuing rest and well-being.

The way to sustainability requires continuous efforts and Flexitex is committed to making a difference. Through education, awareness and collaboration, it is possible to build a future where the textile industry can be an example of sustainable practices, preserving the planet and improving people’s quality of life.

Join us on this journey and be part of the transformation towards a truly sustainable textile industry.

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